Paramount 100 years

Can you name all the movies in the 100 Years of Paramount Pictures poster?

We’re not the only ones celebrating 100 years of movie memories!  2012 marks Paramount Pictures 100th year as a movie studio. 

To mark the auspicious occasion, the company has just unveiled a new logo and a brand new poster commemorating some of their most-memorable films from their first 100 years in the business.

The iconic film images of Paramount classics like The Godfather, Titanic and Vertigo get a modern update alongside Dreamgirls, Cloverfield and other recent favourites.  Reduced a single stylized symbol, these beloved films are represented by the image that defines the movie.

Thinking about Rosemary’s Baby? The first image that comes to mind may be the old-fashioned baby carriage.   And what better way to sum up Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory than with an Oompa Loompa?

It’s your turn to celebrate 100 years of movies and put your movie knowledge to the test!  How many movie titles can you identify?  Is there an image that has you stumped?   Share your thoughts in the  comment section below!

Paramount 100 Years

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