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Characters With Bite: The 10 Best Vamps in Pop Culture

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've probably noticed that vampires have taken over the entertainment industry. From TV to movies and "True Blood" to Twilight, they’re firmly in the spotlight (or dark shadows, as the case may be). But this vampire craze isn't exactly brand new since audiences have been fascinated with the undead ever since Bram Stoker put pen to paper and while they've repeatedly come to the forefront of pop culture, this latest wave may be the biggest one ever.

So with sharp teeth and immortality on the brain, thanks to this weekend's most recent addition Underworld Awakening, we count down the best of the beloved bloodsuckers who've captured our imaginations over the years. Did your favourite vamps make the list?

What would your list look like? Think Damon or Stefan from "The Vampire Diaries" deserves a spot? Or maybe Snipe's Blade? Tell us below!

The latest vamp movie, Let Me In (itself a remake of Let The Right One In) hits theatres on October 1.

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