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Cineplex's 100 Years of Movie Memories: Act II (1950-1979)

Act II of our 100 years of Cineplex retrospective kicks off with a look back at the turbulent 1950s, when the advent of television and at-home entertainment threatened the entire classic movie-going experience. Get the scoop on how Cineplex found new and innovative ways to bring audiences back to the theatre in time to catch landmark films like Singin' in the Rain, Rebel Without A Cause, To Kill A Mockingbird and High Noon. With titles like that, sitting at home and missing out just wasn't going to cut it!

Next up we take a look at how the suburban sprawl of the 1960s and the construction of localized and regionalized theatres helped to shape the company's identity. Then we journey to the '70s, a decade that witnessed the birth of the Cineplex of today with the opening of a 21-screen megaplex in 1979 in the basement of Toronto's Eaton Centre, the very first of its kind.

So take a trip back through time and see where we've been and how we got where we are today!

If you missed Act I (1912-1949), catch up now:

Stay tuned for Act III - coming soon!

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