Pain & Gain

‘Clanging and banging’ with Dwayne Johnson on the set of Pain & Gain

In a movie about gym hardbodies there’s bound to be a little weightlifting competition on set! 

Cineplex visited the set of Pain & Gain to chat with one of the stars of the Michael Bay film, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Johnson opened up about the film, pumping iron on the set, and the incredible true story of the Sun Gym gang, a trio of bodybuilding gym rats who wanted to live the American Dream by taking it from someone else.

An action flick brimming with comedy bordering on the absurd drew Johnson to the role because it’s unlike anything else in Hollywood. The so outrageous it can only be true storyline brings together a heavyweight cast including Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, Rebel Wilson, Ed Harris and Tony Shalhoub who plays the shady businessman the gang tries to kidnap and extort.


Dwayne Johnson talks weightlifting competitions with the cast and the absurdity of Pain & Gain in the video below!


See Pain & Gain in Cineplex theatres this Friday!

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