Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special to hit the big screen

The time has arrived, Whovians! Not only is the 50th Anniversary episode of the beloved British sci-fi series, The Day of the Doctor, almost upon us but it is set to play on the big screen (in 3D!) in 8 countries and 400 theatres around the world, including right here at home.

Some cinema screenings are set to be simulcast with the UK BBC One television broadcast on Saturday, November 23, while other screenings are set to follow on November 25. 

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9 am ESTCheck back then to find out if and when your local Cineplex theatre is participating! Or even bookmark this URL in your browser for easy access tomorrow morning: (The site will not be live until then - so don't be shocked if you get an error page!)

In addition to the current Time Lord/Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, the one-off special will star Tenth Doctor David Tennant, current companion Jenna Coleman, former companion Billie Piper (Rose!) and iconic thesp John Hurt


Since 1963 "Doctor Who" has been one of the best loved dramas to come out of the UK (take that, "Downton Abbey") and is even certified by the Guinness Book of World Records (no, really) as the most successful sci-fi series in history. So grab your sonic screwdrivers, put on your bowties, trenches, Chucks, scarves and Fez hats and join in the celebrations with your fellow Who fans around the world!

Watch the trailer for the special now:

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PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above, the confirmed/full list of Cineplex theatres screening the special and the associated dates/times will be available at 9 am EST tomorrow at the site listed above:

So bookmark and come back tomorrow to check/get tickets!

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