Downsizing's Matt Damon talks about his

Downsizing's Matt Damon talks about his "tiniest" role yet

Downsizing stars Matt Damon as a man shrunk down to .0364 percent of his natural size so he can live in a community with other miniscule people. In honour of the film’s concept we had a very small chat with Damon at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

What can you tell us about this film?

The idea’s that Norwegian scientists find a way to shrink us down to five inches in height as a way to offset climate change. And when Alexander Payne, who’s one of my favourite directors on Earth, first said that to me I didn’t know whether he was pulling my leg or not. And then I read the script and it’s really one of the great scripts that I’ve read, and a really ambitious idea, and the biggest movie that Alexander’s ever made so that was a real, I mean, I’d do the phone book with Alexander Payne but it was really, you know, I have high hopes for this one.

Is it a comedy?

It’s definitely got things that are funny but probably cerebral funny. It’s not like knee-slapping funny, I don’t think. But hopefully it has some moments of levity and then some moments that are very moving. It should be a good one.

Do you buy into the concept?

Well it’s a satire, so it’s really a metaphor for why we allow people to treat us small.

Tell us about shooting the film in Toronto.

It was awesome. You know, we shot on the same soundstage we shot Good Will Hunting on 20 years ago so it was really great to be back there and I love that city. I go, usually, for the film festival once a year but I just have so many great memories of shooting Good Will Hunting there and now Downsizing. We were there for a few months and it was just beautiful over the summer.

Melissa Sheasgreen is a content producer for the Cineplex Pre-Show.

Downsizing Hits Theatres December 22nd.

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