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Ellen Page set to direct her first movie, starring Anna Faris

As it goes, many actors eventually tire of being the pretty things told where to stand and made to deliver someone else's lines and bring someone else's vision to life and decide to take control and that usually expresses itself as a spin in the director's chair. Prepping to be the next slashie (as in actor/director) is none other than pocket-sized Canuck Ellen Page, who shot to fame thanks to quirk-fest Juno, the bracing Hard Candy and her solid work in Inception.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Page is ready to direct and her first project will be Miss Stevens and the even-better news is her lead actress will be none other than the hysterical and underrated Anna Faris. The blond actress, who is known for going there for a laugh (see Scary Movie 1-4, The House Bunny, Smiley Face, Observe and Report, etc.) will play a frenzied high school teacher whose life is a mess and who brings her students to a drama competition - so much potential for hilarity and kudos to writer Julia Hart for not making it a glee club meet - and once there, with the help of the teens she teaches, is given the self-esteem boost she so desperately needs.

Given that Page isn't one to steer towards the overtly sentimental, hopefully Miss Stevens will take advantage of the considerable comedic talents of its leading lady and go easy on the schmaltz often associated with people learning lessons thanks to kids. It could be its own genre.

Both ladies are busy with their own projects before they come together for Miss Stevens, though, with Page starring in Sundance flicks The East and Touchy Feely, then she's got X-Men: Days of Future Past and Freeheld while Faris will be starring in Chuck Lorre's sitcom "Mom", doing voicework for the sequel to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and co-starring in I Give It A Year, which premieres at SXSW.

We are officially stoked for this one.

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