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Elton John reveals who he'd like to play him in upcoming biopic

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As we reported back in September, plans were underway to bring the story of Elton John's life and times to the big screen with Rocketman. And now in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter revealed who his top choice of actor would be to step into his immaculate shoes: Justin Timberlake. And you know, it could work.

Stay with us.

Timberlake has vocal chops to spare, knows how to dance and was basically a born performer, not to mention he already transformed into Elton for the David LaChappelle-directed video for "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore" and was surprisingly convincing.

And considering producer Steve Hamilton Shaw described the forthcoming Rocketman as "a radically different kind of biopic," it's an opportunity for Timberlake, who's been starring in movies that haven't exactly flopped so much as whimpered at the box office, to really stretch and wow audiences as a different kind of leading man.

Elton referred to Timberlake's performance in the 2002 music video as "superb" and we can't really argue so it makes sense to envision the 30-year-old singer-actor fleshing out the life he hinted at on the small screen in the musical biopic.


What say you - Would JT make a good Elton John? Share your opinion below.

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