From dancing Armie Hammer to Henry Cavill's mustache: all the best movie memes of 2017

From dancing Armie Hammer to Henry Cavill's mustache: all the best movie memes of 2017

Ah, memes. They somehow manage to capture the current zeitgeist better than almost anything, and they’re generally hilarious to boot. Seemingly nothing is safe from meme-ification, including, of course, movies.

This year has seen some all-time greats when it comes to memes, and it was definitely hard to narrow down a list of our faves. However, duty calls, and we managed to whittle down the never-ending list of movie memes to a tight seven. These are the crème de la crème, the very best of the best of 2017’s movie memes.

And so, without further ado, we present: The Best Movie Memes of 2017.

Dancing Armie

Despite finding it the most embarrassing scene to film while shooting Call Me by Your Name, Armie’s masses of fans have meme-ified the very excellent scene of Hammer passionately dancing to “Love My Way” by the Psychedelic Furs. For one brief, shining moment there was even an entire Twitter account devoted to dubbing the infamous gif with various songs, but it unfortunately has since been suspended. He will dance forever in our heads and hearts.

Henry Cavill’s Mustache

If something about Henry Cavill’s face seems… off… in Justice League, you are very right. There is most definitely Something Off. Because he'd already started filming another movie, Henry Cavill was forced to attend Justice League reshoots with a full-on Tom Selleck-style mustache. Superman obviously does not sport such egregious facial hair, so the mustache had to be DIGITALLY REMOVED in post-production. Images of his face emerged on the internet shortly after Justice League was released, and they instantly became a meme.

Dancing Pennywise

Another meme of an infamous character dancing. It’s resident horrifying clown Pennywise got the meme treatment when a clip surfaced online of a particularly disturbing scene from the movie, where Pennywise scares Beverley by busting out in a little jig. Predictably, a Twitter account was soon dubbing the moment with other songs, and it thankfully has NOT been suspended. Some of our favourites? “Cotton-Eyed Joe”, and “Hey Ya!” Leave it to the internet to turn one of the more unsettling moments from the film into one of the year’s best memes.

The Gay Babadook

The Babadook, gay icon? Apparently. While Jennifer Kent’s horror film The Babadook came out in 2014, the titular monster didn’t gain cult status until this year when Netflix inexplicably categorized the film as an LGBT film. The internet had a field day, declaring the Babadook to be a gay icon. He even showed up at Pride parades and may or may not have had a fling with Pennywise. Count us BabaSHOOK!


With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi shaping up to be one of the biggest films of the year, it came as no surprise when the cute penguin-esque aliens known as Porgs became meme fodder. Dozens of memes were instantly born the moment they made their debut in the trailer, becoming fuel for everything from sly digs at Jar Jar Binks to an entirely re-imagined poster. Check out a few of our favourites below.

The Sunken Place

Get Out was one of this year’s biggest surprise hits, and it was in no way immune to the hordes of meme-hungry masses. Perhaps our favourite of the various memes (the Get Out challenge came in at a close second) is the Sunken Place. If you haven’t seen the film, the Sunken Place is a hypnotic state that one of the characters of the film inflicts upon the hero. Even director Jordan Peele got in on the fun when he tweeted an unfortunately timed picture of Ryan Gosling whispering to a woman at this year’s Oscars. See it for yourself below and then be grateful that Jordan Peele is sharing his sense of humour with the world.

Alicia Vikander’s Neck

We all know that movie posters are heavily edited and retouched, but we all got a very clear reminder of that earlier this year when the first poster for Tomb Raider was released. Star Alicia Vikander’s neck was stretched and twisted beyond recognition, spawning countless memes and many an office contest to see who could best recreate the (truly unnatural) pose. Some of the best reactions to the neck situation are below for your viewing pleasure. Be prepared to send this to everyone around you when they all hear your snorts of laughter.

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