Get closer to Antiviral with this EXCLUSIVE featurette

Get closer to Antiviral with this EXCLUSIVE featurette

The twisted apple doesn't fall far from the envelope-pushing tree if the first trailer from Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral is any indication of how he's been influenced by sci-fi auteur and dad David Cronenberg.

Poised to make its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, Antiviral marks the first feature length film from Brandon who has made a creepy look at stardom, sickness and the commodification of fame starring Sarah Gadon (who starred in his father's Cosmopolis) and Caleb Landry Jones, a young actor who can cook up a sneer that will take the paint off walls.

To find out how the young filmmaker was able to bring his satirical and bizarre vision to life, we've got an EXCLUSIVE featurette about his experience behind the camera for the first time, including Brandon's own thoughts on making his first movie and what his cast thought of their newbie director.

Catch it right now!

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