kevin james, here comes the boom

Get ready for Here Comes the Boom with this featurette

When you sit down to watch a Kevin James movie, you can be sure of one thing; there's going to be falling.

The actor, who takes on screenwriting and producing duties on Here Comes the Boom, takes his love of physical humour to the extreme by having his biology teacher character learn how to become a mixed-martial arts fighter in order to raise money for his cash-strapped school that's about to lose its extracurricular activities.

As likeable but lazy Mr. Voss, James brings an everyman quality to the upcoming comedy, while making room for lots of slips, slides, punches, jabs and big, big falls.

Salma Hayek co-stars as his sexy fellow teacher, Greg Germann is the principal who doesn't appreciate his teacher's hijinks, real-life MMA dude Bas Rutten and Henry Winkler are also on-board and Joe Rogan plays, who else, himself.

Get a look inside Here Comes the Boom with this featurette before it opens October 12.

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