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Get your first look at Christoph Waltz in Tarantino’s Django Unchained

Saddle up and get your first look at Christoph Waltz as gunslinger Dr. King Schultz in Quentin Tarantino's spaghetti western Django Unchained.  The slave-era Western features an all-star line-up including Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jamie Foxx as the titular Django. 

Set in the Deep South, Dr. Schultz (Waltz) trades in his day job as a dentist to become a bounty hunter who eventually teams up with freed slave Django (Foxx).   Together, this unlikely duo embarks on a trek to find Django’s wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), held captive by a ruthless and sadistic Mississippi rancher played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Given that the film is written by Tarantino we can only imagine the epic, bloody showdown in store for our unlikely heroes.

We've got an early look at Oscar-winner Waltz complete with scraggly beard and a gun in his holster, looking exactly like what a dentist-turned-bounty hunter should look like on the set of the movie which is currently filming in New Orleans.  

 Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Leo as a bad guy?  A Tarantino western?  This is one movie we can't wait to see!   Django Unchained is scheduled to hit theatres in December.

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