Gillian Flynn and Steve McQueen team up for Widows, a fun and stylish thriller

Gillian Flynn and Steve McQueen team up for Widows, a fun and stylish thriller

The Gone Girl writer partners with the 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner for one of the smartest and most entertaining films of the year.


Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell


Steve McQueen

Release date

November 16th, 2018

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A writer at the top of her game

One of the best writers working today, Gillian Flynn has continuously delivered entertaining, surprising thrillers with strong female characters going against the odds. Explicit but never gratuitous, unexpected but never cheap, Flynn has managed to surprise consistently, both in her storytelling and her ability to transition from novels to screen. We've seen the unpredictable journeys of Amy Dunne and Camille Preaker in both her novels and adaptations of Gone Girl and Sharp Objects; however, Flynn is charting new territory in Widows as she adapts someone else’s original material for the first time. Widows has all the elements of a Gillian Flynn hit, yet still manages to honour Lynda La Plante’s original novel and 1980s British TV series.

Steve McQueen’s new venture

Widows is also new territory for arthouse director Steve McQueen. His previous films Hunger, Shame, and 12 Years a Slave are excellent but don’t necessarily have mainstream appeal. With Widows, McQueen lightens up... a little. The film tackles many topical and poignant subjects like sexism, police brutality, and bigotry but still delivers a surprising and fun heist movie. There are moments in Widows where McQueen’s sophisticated sensibilities really come through, as he takes risks we rarely see in big Hollywood blockbusters. Some of these “risks” include giving the most ordinary moments an added layer of social commentary that a viewer must read in the subtext.

An expert combination

Flynn’s script plays brilliantly into McQueen’s directorial strengths, making Widows a truly great collaborative effort. There haven’t been many big-budget studio films like Widows, and whether you're someone who wants a twisty, exciting action flick or a deep and intellectual social commentary, you will not be disappointed with this film.

For those who love a twist ending

A thriller filled with twists and turns, anyone familiar with Gillian Flynn knows that this will be one unpredictable ride. Don’t forget to SHOW-off your SCENE card while you’re at the theatre for a chance to win instant prizes and a grand prize of 100,000 SCENE points. Click here for details.

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