Grease returns to Cineplex theatres in April!

Grease returns to Cineplex theatres in April!

In the late 1970s Hollywood was tackling a lot of very serious subjects. Coming Home and The Deer Hunter focused on the horrors of the Vietnam War, All the President’s Men tackled the Watergate scandal and films such as Taxi Driver and Looking For Mr. Goodbar exposed the violent, dark side of American society.

Then along came Grease. The 1978 film, based on the Broadway musical, was seen as a low-budget throwaway from Paramount Pictures. The studio doubted audiences would respond to the silly 1950s songs, or accept an untested TV star (John Travolta) and an Australian pop singer (Olivia Newton–John) in the leading roles of Danny and Sandy, two star-crossed high-school sweethearts.

However, perhaps it was because Hollywood was serving up such sombre fare that Grease stormed the box office. Moviegoers loved it, flocking to see the film and ensuring it became not only the highest-grossing film of 1978 but also the highest-grossing musical of all-time until 2008, when it was eclipsed by Mamma Mia!

Grease screens as part of Cineplex’s Classic Films series on April 15th and 18th. Click here for tickets and showtimes.

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