Hangover 3 set visit pics show reunited Wolf Pack and John Goodman!

Hangover 3 set visit pics show reunited Wolf Pack and John Goodman!

As with the previous two Hangover movies, the details are kept mostly under wraps until a revealing, in all senses of the word, trailer outlines the kind of substance-fueled night we can expect to have with Phil, Alan, Stu and a handful of colourful characters who take their partying very seriously.

Todd Phillips is busy filming The Hangover Part III and took to Instagram to share some pics from the set and the most exciting part of the handful of sun-dappled photos he posted is that John Goodman is in one of them! Did we know that Goodman, who is having a stellar year, was going to be in Part III?

No matter, the fact that he will be in the movie is good news for everyone and Phillips' snapshots also give us a look at Zach Galifianakis wearing some sort of skin-coloured body stocking, Bradley Cooper looking like he just dropped out of the pages of GQ, Ed Helms being sweetly dorky and Ken Jeong giving his best intimidation stare.

Justin Bartha, who pops up in a pic or two, Heather Graham, Jeffrey Tambor and Jamie Chung will be returning for the third installation that, according to the IMDB plot synopsis, won't involve any wild bachelor parties or botched weddings but instead something close to a road trip which seems safe enough but you can bet it won't be. Rumour has it Melissa McCarthy will be making a cameo and the movie will find the guys breaking Alan out of a mental institution. Sounds about right.

Check out pics from the set right now! The Hangover Part III hits theatres next May.

All photos Courtesy of http://instagram.com/toddphillips1

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