Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Eijofor

Has Chiwetel Ejiofor joined Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel's Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange For a while now, there have been rumours that Marvel pursued Chiwetel Ejiofor for an undisclosed role in the upcoming Doctor Strange film alongside his 12 Years a Slave co-star, Tumblr boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch.

For those of you not in the know, Dr. Stephen Strange, a neuroseurgon, becomes involved in the mystical arts and starts jumping into alternate dimensions after a career-ending car accident. On his off days, he’s also the "Sorcerer Supreme," Earth’s protector against all mystical enemies. Sounds simple, yeah?

Though most expected that Ejiofor was up for the role of the Anicent one, director Scott Derrickson (Sinister) decided to gender-swap the casting – heck yes! – and invite Tilda Swinton into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for that particular role.

Deadline has now reported that Ejiofor is in talks to portray Karl Amadeus Mordo (a.k.a. Baron Mordon). In the comics, Mordo and Strange are both disciples of the Ancient One, the original “Sorcerer Supreme” who traveled to Earth to fight demons and evil spirits. Mordo, however, betrays his master – and Dr. Strange is not happy about it.

Yes, Solomon Northrup might just turn to the Dark Side in Doctor Strange as the film’s Big Bad. All of our fingers (and toes) are now crossed; Let’s hope this casting rumour sticks.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is slated for late 2016.


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