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INTERVIEW: Chris Pine brings Jack Frost to life in Rise of the Guardians

Chris Pine (Star Trek, People Like Us) taps into his imagination and sense of make-believe to bring to life Jack Frost, one of the guardians in Rise of the Guardians, opening this weekend.

The animated tale follows Jack, a lone wolf who prefers the solitary life, as he's summoned by Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin, adopting a thick accent), along with the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), the Toothfairy (Isla Fisher) and Sandman to defeat the nefarious Pitch (Jude Law), an evil force who threatens to crush the hopes and dreams of kids who believe everywhere.

Comparing the Guardians to the children's version of The Avengers, since everyone has their own special skills, Pine details the challenges and benefits of doing voice-work and reveals how his character Jack is the heart of the movie.

Check out our interview with Chris Pine below. Rise of the Guardians hits theatres November 23.

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