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In clips: Mary-Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Paul get Smashed

You know him as the adorable meth dealing expletive-happy Jesse Pinkman from TV's excellent "Breaking Bad," and you know her as the object of Michael Cera's dweeby affections in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World but both Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead defy expectations with this lived-in story of two co-dependent alcoholics whose marriage starts to fracture when one of them decides to get sober.

Starring as crazy-in-love couple Kate and Charlie, who like having a good time often bolstered by a dozen too many drinks, an especially bad night drives Kate to consider rehab while Charlie continues to party as their relationship starts to suffer. Co-starring the always-excellent Octavia Spencer as Kate's sponsor and married-in-real-life Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, Smashed is directed by James Ponsoldt, who co-wrote it with Susan Burke, and premiered at TIFF to much praise and post-screening contemplation.

Opening in select Cineplex theatres on October 26, the slow-burning drama is confronting, sad and difficult and these five clips give you a good idea of the intense of rewarding ride the movie offers.

Get a glimpse of Smashed below.

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