Identity Thief

WATCH: Jason Bateman is out to catch Identity Thief Melissa McCarthy

It turns out there are many hilarious ways to catch a thief. Jason Bateman tracks down Identity Thief  Melissa McCarthy in five clips from the upcoming comedy. 

Horrible Bosses and "Arrested Development" star Bateman plays Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a mild-mannered Midwest man who gets an unexpected surprise when he discovers a thief has swiped his identity, run up a barrage of charges on credit cards, and has an outstanding arrest warrant. Diana, played by Bridesmaids’ McCarthy, assumes the identity of "Sandy Bigelow Patterson," maxing credit cards out on La-Z-Boy recliners and nights on the town. Inevitably, when these two comedy stars join forces, one of them ends up in a dead man’s pants as hilarity ensues on this comic road trip. 

And just who is wearing the pants? Watch the clips and find out!




Catch Identity Thief in Cineplex theatres on February 8th.

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