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John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy bring The Sessions to life

After making his mark in festival hits Martha Marcy May Marlene and Winter's Bone where he played sinister and sometimes charming men with wayward morals and manipulative streaks, John Hawkes proves he can just as ably inhabit a real-life figure with an easy smile and tangible warmth in Ben Lewin's The Sessions.

Hawkes is Mark O'Brien, a polio survivor and poet who's mostly confined to an iron lung but possessed of a sharp mind and undeniable charm and who, at 38, is still a virgin. After consulting his confidante Father Brendan (William H. Macy), he decides to seek out the help of a sex surrogate (Helen Hunt) and finds out a lot about himself and love.

Directed by Lewin, himself a polio survivor, The Sessions is an uplifting story that shows a man without self-pity who decides to take a chance on himself and could net Hawkes his second Oscar nom.

We sat down with the cast when the movie premiered at TIFF so watch our interview below and get to know more about the man who inspired the story here.

The Sessions opens in select Cineplex theatres October 26.

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