Julianne Moore’s Gloria Bell is the character we’ve been waiting for, a woman living life unapologetically at 50

Julianne Moore’s Gloria Bell is the character we’ve been waiting for, a woman living life unapologetically at 50

It’s all too rare to see a woman like Gloria Bell headlining her own film. She’s an ebullient middle-aged woman who is warm, generous, funny, nerdy, sweet and puts everyone else on the planet before herself. Maybe she’s your sister or mum or BFF or your-own-damn-self.


Julianne Moore, John Turturro


Sebastián Lelio

Release date

March 15, 2019

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An adaptation of his own Chilean film, Oscar winners Sebastián Lelio and Julianne Moore have captured the essence of an older woman living her life boldly and bravely — a life whose cinematic portrayal was long overdue. Here are the ways Gloria Bell lives her life to the fullest, and why she's someone you'll fall in love with.

She’s independent

Gloria Bell is a divorcée who is at a juncture in her life where she’s ready to cash in for some joy. Her kids are grown up and don’t need her anymore. She’s alone but she feels young and vibrant and needs a place to channel her energy and passion. She is optimistic and has a sense of adventure that defies the stereotype of a lonely older woman.

She loves to dance

Gloria loves to dance, especially to disco, so she takes herself out to a cruise-y singles bar. For Gloria it seems to be a ritual, unwinding under the glowing lights of this divey club filled with regulars. Whether dancing alone or with someone new she’s met, watching Gloria let loose is an inspiring vision that proves there’s no age limit to the clubbing life.

She wants a man (but doesn’t need one)

At her regular bar, she meets Arnold (John Turturro) and they embark on a sweet, sad and difficult journey to meet each other where they are in life. Their relationship is a realistic depiction of two adults, with a lifetime of scars and baggage, and none of the arrogance of youth, moving towards each other with trepidation. Their romance, with all of its ups and downs, feels so true to what dating is actually like. For Gloria, Arnold is exciting and fun at first, but the film never makes him the center of her world.

She’s totally herself

It’s novel to spend an entire film with a female character, even more so to see her makeup-free and washing her underwear, or singing at the top of her lungs in the car or having real, raw, passionate sex, and it’s absolutely wonderful. There’s a recognition when you see a character you can relate to, warts and all, and your investment in them multiplies.

See Gloria Bell with the real woman in your life

Thirsty for a movie about a raw, real, wonderful female lead? Grab your Gloria Bell and head to the theatre to catch this one, as this film is a truly refreshing treat that showcases a real woman living her life with gusto.

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