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Kevin Hart and Dawyne Johnson are old high school friends on a mission in new trailer for Central Intelligence

Dwayne Johnson has come a long way from his high school days.

The new Central Intelligence trailer gives us a closer look at a young Johnson and Kevin Hart, one being a social outcast and the other being incredibly popular in high school. After being bullied about his weight for years, Bob (Johnson) has completely changed his appearance, by working out for six hours a day, for the last twenty years. He's also in the CIA.

He reunites with Hart through Facebook, and manages to drag him along on a CIA mission. Hart is obviously not into it, but the two reconnect in ways most old friends would never have to endure. Explosions, criminals, car chases, and lots of running, bring these two old buddies back together.

Check out the new trailer for Central Intelligence below and see the film when it hits theatres on June 17th.