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Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick

(Photo of Lindsay Lohan by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for Philipp Plein)

No one can fault a girl for trying. Lindsay Lohan is in full comeback mode, with a reserved March appearance on the "Today" show where she confidently told Matt Lauer she was clean and sober and was all reflection and taking ownership of her past mistakes, which you may recall included DUIs and very public run-ins with the law, not to mention meltdowns that one could witness on TMZ, if that's your thing.

She also revealed that she pleaded with Lorne Michaels for another hosting gig on SNL, and got it with moderately successful results, and now has been chosen by Lifetime to portray another lighting rod for controversy, Elizabeth Taylor.

We understood why LiLo would get a part in the Gotti family story, the likeness is shocking and WHEN can she play Donatella Versace?, but taking on an iconic figure with the talent and legacy that Taylor enjoyed is bound to ruffle some feathers.

Lohan was enthusiastic about the opportunity, and rightly so since it's been awhile, saying in a statement: "I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honoured to have been asked to play this role."

Stunt casting could be part of the story, but the Lohan we had a glimpse of way back in 2004 seemed destined for stardom, with a lot of career missteps along the way, so there's no telling if she's up to the task. (I mean, has anyone actually watched Labor Pains, Chapter 27 or I Know Who Killed Me?)

The people at Lifetime seem to be plenty pleased to have her on-board and it's no surprise since without LiLo's involvement, when else would the casting of a Lifetime movie be buzzy news?

Lifetime executive VP of programming Rob Sharenow shared what he thought Lohan would bring to the role: "We are thrilled Lindsay will portray beloved Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor. She is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon."

No word yet on who will portray Richard Burton, Taylor's years-long actor husband, then ex, then husband, then ex again, in Liz & Dick, but you can be sure when it's announced, we'll be on top of it.

Until then, keep fantasizing about who Martin Scorsese will cast as Elizabeth and Richard in his version of their torrid romance, which means there will be at least two tries to get this story right.

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