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Low-budget remake of American Psycho in the works

What if Patrick Bateman had Facebook? The yuppie serial killer at the heart of Bret Easton Ellis' 1991 novel, and the subsequent 2000 movie by Mary Harron, may be coming back to a screen near you but this time, as a man living in modern-day New York.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Noble Jones, a David Fincher protege and commercial and music video director, has pitched an updated, very low-budget version to Lionsgate and the studio is interested in what's quickly becoming a buzzed-about project.

Revisiting the novel and putting a contemporary spin on the story of the bloodthirsty serial killer (played by Christian Bale) who had more interest in his business cards, push-ups and Huey Lewis than much else, is an interesting prospect given the novel's original late-'80s Manhattan setting. Pushing Bateman forward into the 21st century is bold and has the potential to be even more provocative since the opportunities for him to indulge in his darker fantasies would be tenfold what they were 20-some years ago, especially given the now-ness and reach of social media.

And since Jones was the second unit director on The Social Network and has a precise auteur like Fincher for a mentor, a new version of American Psycho seems like an ideal film for him to make his directorial debut though he will certainly have a lot to live up to.

And that doesn't even cover casting. Who could possibly go bicep-to-bicep with Bale?

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