Director Duncan Jones drops out of Ian Fleming biopic

Moon director Duncan Jones exits 007 writer Ian Fleming biopic

Duncan Jones, the director of the Sam Rockwell space drama Moon has just stepped away from a planned biopic of James Bond writer Ian Fleming

Scheduling conflicts have caused the director (and son of David Bowie) to exit the 007 project in order to continue work on Warcraft, which is currently in pre-production.  The fantasy/adventure movie stars Colin Farrell, Paula Patton, Paul Dano and Anton Yelchin and is based on the popular World of Warcraft video game. 

According to news sources, Warcraft, which is set to begin shooting early next year would need extensive time in post-production causing his Fleming biopic window to evaporate.

No word yet if Jones will remain as a producer of the Fleming biopic which as of yet does not have a star attached to it.  Pulp Fiction writer Roger Avery drafted the screenplay along with co-writer Matt Brown based on the Fleming biography by Andrew Lycett.

The clock is ticking on finding a replacement for Jones if the film expects to stay on track for its production schedule.   

Jones, whose last directorial effort was 2011’s time-bending Source Code, will now have plenty of time to work on Warcraft before it is due in theatres in December 2015.


- Photo: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

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