Movie Social Scenes: Oscars Edition

#Movie Social Scene: Oscar Twitter reactions, backstage social pictures and more!

Social media has become an added medium of coverage to all news genres, including sports, politics and entertainment. We’re bringing you a social media round-up of interesting and entertaining items making film headlines in the social sphere.

As the last golden statue was given out at the 85th Academy Awards, Hollywood’s annual award season finally came to an end last Sunday. You’ve seen the recaps. You’ve seen the interviews. Now it’s time to see all those candid social media moments that were happening with the best-of-the-best in film.

Industry stars like Lee Unkrich, Tom Hiddleston, Steve Martin and Bryan Greenberg were all providing Twitter updates during the show. In fact, according to ABC News, Twitter received over 8.9 million Oscar-related tweets by the end of the evening.

And then there were the expected and well received behind-the-scenes pictures; a balanced mix of intimate and funny moments, from Ben Affleck getting his Oscar statue engraved, to Jim Carrey’s enormous “feet-shoes.”

On the note of social media pictures, here’s a few other items that’ll put a smile on your face. A bunch of actors and actresses had some fun with a social cam that was set-up backstage. The pictures were posted on The Academy’s Twitter account, and let’s be honest, it’s not every day that you see some of your favourite film talent...taking “selfies” during an award show.

Many people had shining moments throughout Sunday’s show, but it was Jennifer Lawrence who came through as the brightest. Forget the fact that she won an award for Best Actress. It was her moments behind-the-scenes which really captured her awesomeness. If we’re using Facebook terms, she would have had the most “likes” by night’s end.

First, it was her post-award interview. Lawrence was busy talking with "Entertainment Tonight," when her entire family suddenly swarmed her mid-interview, for a very sincere yet entertaining moment.


And next we see another post-show chat with Lawrence and ABC News, when the actress responded to a brief interruption from Mr. Jack Nicholson, who wanted to wish his congratulations. To be blunt, the reaction is priceless.


Social Snapshot of the Week

As we said last week, Samuel L. Jackson was pegged as one of the go-to people to follow on Twitter for backstage updates during the Oscars. And well, Sam delivered. After the actor had a role presenting on-stage with fellow Avengers cast-mates Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans, he then posted a timeless shot of the boys suited up behind-the-scenes, having a few laughs.


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