On hang-ups and heart-to-hearts with For a Good Time, Call... cast

On hang-ups and heart-to-hearts with For a Good Time, Call... cast

Talk about your ideal premise for an R-rated comedy that celebrates friendship love, letting go of your, ahem, hang-ups and figuring out how to become the person you want to be. And, it's true. Mostly.

Much more than a phone sex comedy, which it most certainly IS, For a Good Time, Call... follows Lauren (Lauren Miller, aka Mrs. Seth Rogen, who makes a cameo) and Katie (the charming Ari Graynor) who meet in college and instantly despise the other, only to be forced into co-habitating years later when NYC's rent prices make it impossible to fly solo. Uptight and ambitious Lauren is at first appalled to find that Katie is running a phone sex line from her room until she realizes that it could make for a good business, which is pretty much what happened when Miller discovered that real-life bestie and co-screenwriter Katie Anne Naylon was saying naughty things for money in their dorm room when they were going to college together.

We had the chance to chat recently with the lead cast and Toronto-based director Jamie Travis about what it took to get the movie made and adding a dose or sweetness to their raunchy mix.

Get in on the fun now before For A Good Time, Call... opens in select Cineplex theatres August 31.

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