On the set of Antiviral with first-time director Brandon Cronenberg

Caleb Landry Jones in a scene from Antiviral (Courtesy of Alliance Films)

A fever dream brought on by an extreme bout of sick led Brandon Cronenberg to think up the story behind Antiviral, a body horror full of gross-out scenes and satire that serves as his directorial debut. The movie brings the notion of celebrity obsession down to a cellular level where, in the world he created, you can visit a clinic and get infected with your favourite actor's sickness. Still with us?

It's no surprise that the son of macabre director David Cronenberg would go for something grotesque, creepy and layered for his first time behind the camera and he even employs his dad's two-time collaborator, the gorgeous Sarah Gadon, to portray starlet Hannah Geist, the beauty who's affliction is all the rage, but very likely deadly, while spookiness incarnate Caleb Landry Jones is ideally cast as Syd March, a worker at the Lucas Clinic where the viruses are injected into willing vessels, including himself.

We sat down with Cronenberg, Jones and fellow actor Douglas Smith on the movie's Toronto set to get the scoop on Antiviral.

Watch our interview below. Antiviral opens in Cineplex theatres October 12.

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