Oscar predictions: Cineplex picks Part II

The big night is edging ever closer and with the Golden Globes, the SAGs, the Producers Guild Awards , the BAFTAs and numerous other bold-name award-dispensing bodies casting their votes for what films and actors deserve to be recognized above all others this year, we asked three members from within the Cineplex team to share their predictions for who and what will win triumph come the 83rd annual Academy Awards. For a more in-depth look at who will win, and who SHOULD win, head here and for Part I of our picks, head here.

Check out what Digital Marketing Manager Diana Gallo, Entertainment Content Executive Director Darren Solomon and French Web Content Producer Valérie Bourdeau had to say when it came to determining who will be an Oscar richer as of February 27. And catch up on everything Academy Awards with our complete coverage.


Diana Gallo

Digital marketing manager

Darren Solomon

Executive director, Ent. Content

Valerie Bourdeau

  Cineplex.com Content Producer
Actor in a leading role
Colin Firth. Playing a historical figure may have given him the edge.

If virtually every major award has gone to Colin Firth, he's probably a good pick. Plus he gave a great performance. I really wish Jesse Eisenberg had a chance for his dead-on portrayal of half my nerd friends, but Colin Firth has this one in the bag.

Actor in a supporting role The Fighter's Christian Bale will KO the competition. it's not even a fair fight. This is a tough call but I think the Academy likes underdog stories. Go with Christian Bale. Christian Bale might not have acted the best, but he certainly acted the hardest. An obvious choice.
Actress in a leading role
Natalie Portman. She already won the golden globe, which puts her in the lead when it comes to the Oscars.

Ballet, Aronofsky and critical acclaim. Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman. There should really be more of a fight on this, but she is sweeping everything in her path.

Actress in a supporting role
Melissa Leo was brilliant, but I think this one will go to the 14-year-old rookie Hailee Steinfeld instead.

Melissa Leo was amazing and was a big part of why The Fighter was so strong. With Amy Adams and Melissa Leo splitting The Fighter vote, I'm gonna go with Helena Bonham Carter. I can't wait to see her outfit!

Achievement in directing
While all things may point to David Fincher as the obvious winner, I am still rooting for the Coen Brothers - stranger things have happened.

The Academy can't have The Social Network walk away with nothing. David Fincher really brought the based-on-a-true-story film to life. It should (and might) go to David Fincher, but Best Director usually goes with Best Movie, so I'm going with Tom Hooper.
Motion picture of the year
There's no denying the power of The King's Speech but part of me wants Inception to steal the night.
The Academy loves to occasionally throw a curveball and regardless of what you think of Black Swan, it was an original movie experience.
Monarchy, WWII, friendship and triumph over adversity… The King's Speech has everything the Academy craves.

Animated feature film With Ken and Barbie a hot item again, how can Toy Story 3 not win? How to Train Your Dragon was a) not a sequel b) had a great script c) great animation and d) a movie that both adults and kids loved. This is so Toy Story 3's category. I still wish Tangled had been thrown a bone, though.
 Foreign language film With all of the buzz surrounding it, Incendies is a sure win. While personally I really want Incendies to win, all you poolies would better be served by going with Biutiful. Go Incendies! Roger Ebert said what we know in our heart to be true: Incendies has decent chances and I'm running with that!
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