Paul Rudd, This is 40

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Paul Rudd. Look at him. Has he even aged a day since 1995? We fell for him in Clueless and have been laughing alongside him ever since, whether he’s wearing short shorts in Wet Hot American Summer, psyching himself up in the mirror in Wanderlust or testing out hotel chairs in Knocked Up.

This week he’s back and he’s feeling his age in This is 40, the sort-of but not really sequel to Knocked Up. Reprising his role as Pete, the laid-back husband to Debbie (Leslie Mann), the couple sorts out exactly what life is like at age forty. We have to say, life is looking pretty good for forty-three year-old Paul Rudd.

Which Rudd movie is tops on your list? Vote for your favourite Paul Rudd movie in our poll below!

Which Paul Rudd movie is your favourite?

Do you prefer him in 200 Cigarettes? Romeo + Juliet? How Do You Know? Share your pick in the comments below!
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