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Daniel Day-Lewis dons a stove pipe hat and beard for Lincoln, which opened in limited release this week before expanding across the rest of Canada on November 16th. Day-Lewis is a master of transformation, a notorious method actor who disappears into his roles, fully becoming his characters.

The two-time Best Actor Oscar winner first brought the little golden man home for his performance as cerebral palsy afflicted Christy Brown who used his only controllable limb to paint and write in My Left Foot in 1990. His second big win came for his role as the ambitious Daniel “I drink your milkshake” Plainview in There Will Be Blood in 2007. The Oscar buzz has already begun for his Abraham Lincoln portrayal which could mean he’ll be adding to his already hefty trophy haul come awards season. And let’s face, Day-Lewis makes the most of his role in any film so it’s always a treat to see him on the big screen, especially when his films are few and far between; In the past twenty years, he has only appeared in nine films, with Lincoln being his tenth movie since 1992’s The Last of the Mohicans. He’s definitely a man of quality over quantity.

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Which Daniel Day-Lewis performance is your favourite?

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