Best post-apocalyptic movie

POLL: What's the best post-apocalyptic movie?

What will happen on December 21st, when the Mayan calendar reaches the end of its cycle? There are a few movies that might give us a hint of how the world will end on that fateful future date. From catastrophic floods in 2012 to well, catastrophic floods in The Day After Tomorrow then will then freeze and unleash Russian wolves on a library in Manhattan. You just never know.

To prepare for the end of the world, we’re talking post-apocalyptic, end of the world movies in our poll this week. It’s not all bleak. Maybe we’ll get a future of buff, shirtless men fighting dragons a la Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey in Reign of Fire. Pretty sure the Army of the Twelve Monkeys made its first move by loosing one of its sheepskin coat-wearing members in a Toronto IKEA, which is definitely a sign of the impending end of days. And if Kevin Costner has taught us anything other than Robin Hood doesn’t need a British accent to rob from the rich to give to the poor, it’s that mail delivery will continue once society starts to crumble thanks to The Postman.

Cast your vote for the best post-apocalyptic movie below! Your favourite missing? Share your pick in the comment section.

Which end-of-the-world, post-apocalyptic movie is your favourite?

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