Meryl Streep

POLL: What’s your favourite Meryl Streep performance?

She’s been a famous chef, a devout nun, the world’s toughest boss, a mom who bursts into song and the prime minister of England. That’s just a limited sampling of the many roles the talented Meryl Streep has inhabited.

She holds the record for the most Academy Awards nominations by any actor with a whopping 17 nods, beginning with her first nomination in 1979 for The Deer Hunter.  She's brought home that golden statue three times, most recently for The Iron Lady. She’s perfected many accents over the years, including Polish, Danish, British, and made “The dingo's got my baby! “ sound good in an Australian accent from under a severe black bobbed haircut in A Cry in the Dark.

In Hope Springs opening this week, we get to see Meryl without a wig or any prosthetics as she shares the screen with Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. In honour of her latest film, we’ve made the difficult choice of narrowing down a selection of the dynamic Ms. Streep’s roles to come up with a selection of 10 for you to vote on. We can’t list all her roles- we can’t even list all her Oscar-nominated performances- so if you’re favourite isn’t listed, leave your pick in the comments section!

What's your favourite Meryl Streep performance?

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