moonrise kingdom

Primary colours! Retro soundtrack! Bill Murray! It's a new Wes Anderson trailer

Wes Anderson is a divisive filmmaker and either you dig his very distinct manner of storytelling and the precocious, highly intellectual characters he populates his films with or you don't. I unabashedly do, which makes the release of the trailer for his latest, Moonrise Kingdom, the stuff exclamation marks were invented for.

The coming-of-age love story (aren't they all, though?) stars only a fraction of his usual slate of go-to muses - Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman - and rounds out the rest with newbies to Anderson universe; Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel and first-timers Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman who play the two lovebirds whose escape from town leads to a grandiose search party.

The trailer includes all of the calling cards you've come to expect from the corduroy-suit loving auteur, including his penchant for yellow, his carefully chosen Euro soundtrack and a lead character who, while largely misunderstood, wise beyond his years and impressively focused on the wrong thing, is mostly good. This one, like The Darjeeling Limited, is co-written by Roman Coppola, brother of Sofia, son of Francis.

Though the end credits let us know Moonrise Kingdom is coming soon, for most Anderson fans, it won't be soon enough. Watch the trailer below!

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