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QUIZ: All About Robert Downey Jr.

Just call him the Comeback Kid.  It’s hard to believe that just over a decade ago Robert Downey Jr. was making headlines for his personal troubles including one too many arrests for drug possession and failed stints in rehab.  He’s managed a comeback of epic proportions, putting his past behind him and emerging as the box office king and bankable movie star we know him for today.

In 2005, roles in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Good Night and Good Luck paved the way for Downey Jr.’s triumphant return thanks to the critical success of those films which reminded us that there was more to the actor than his rap sheet. But it was thanks to a pair of films in 2008 that Downey Jr. was welcomed back into Hollywood’s good graces, cementing him as a solid box office bet and (hopefully) putting his past problems behind him for good.

Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, both hit theatres in 2008, netting him his biggest moneymakers in his twenty-plus year career and earning him a second Academy Award nomination (for Tropic Thunder).   Downey has continued to headline films, making iconic characters like Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark his own while smashing box office records left and right as part of the Marvel’s The Avengers.  

Now he's switching genres and mixing things up once again in Jon Favreau's Chef, opening in theatres this week. We can’t wait to see what Robert Downey Jr. has in store for us next!  

How much do you know about Robert Downey Jr. and his movies?  Take our quiz and find out!



All About Robert Downey Jr.

He's been Iron Man, Charlie Chaplin, and Sherlock Holmes. How much do you know about Robert Downey Jr. and his movies?

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