Dark Skies

QUIZ: Look up! Aliens are invading!

Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton are just the latest stars to find themselves in the middle of an unseen alien invasion. In Dark Skies, opening in Cineplex theatres on February 22, the Barretts are your typical suburban family. When unexplained incidents and strange events begin to occur in their home, the family begins to suspect that otherworldly forces are to blame for these increasingly disturbing events. 

We are in for one terrifying ride along with the Barrett family: the movie is produced by the team who brought us two of the creepiest films of the past ten years, Insidious and Paranormal Activity, except this time we're trading ghosts and spooky spirits for alien invaders.  

Want to ward off alien invasion by showing off your extra-terrestrial knowledge? Take our All About Aliens movie quiz and show off your knowledge of little green men.  Be sure to check out the video clips from Dark Skies below!




All About Aliens

Test your extraterrestrial knowledge in our quiz about little green men from outer space.



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