2005 movies quiz

QUIZ: Remember 2005? Get a blast from the past in our quiz!

Harry Potter competed for the Goblet of Fire, a new Batman era began, and the Sith had their revenge. We’re talking 2005 in this week’s quiz featuring the movies, awards and film events of our not-too-distant past.

2005 was a great year for film with movies like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Batman Begins, and what we thought was the final Star Wars film, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. We visited Brokeback Mountain, The New World, Sin City and Munich, started The Chronicles of Narnia, marched with some penguins, met a 40-Year-Old Virgin, a bunch of Wedding Crashers, the Fantastic Four, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

How much can you recall about these films and more? Put your memory to the test in our quiz on the movies and events of 2005!




The Year in Movies: 2005

Remember 2005? See how much you can recall about the movies, awards, and events of 2005.


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