Breaking Dawn, Part 2

QUIZ: Test your Twilight I.Q.!

The end is finally here. The final film in the Twilight Saga hits Cineplex theatres across Canada this week. We’re bidding farewell to Bella, Edward, Jacob and the whole vampire and werewolf gang in Breaking Dawn, Part 2. We’ve watched Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner become superstars, witnessed vampires and werewolves become pals, and have scrutinized every last bite.

Now it’s time to test your Twilight I.Q. and see how much you know about the franchise and its stars. From Twilight to Breaking Dawn, we’ve come up with ten questions encompassing the entire blockbuster series and the actors who play our favourite werewolves and vampires. !




Twilight Quiz

See how much you know about The Twilight Saga and its stars!


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