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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling is writing and directing your new favourite movie

I'm a director now (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

So we already knew that Officially Beautiful Man Ryan Gosling had the directorial itch when news broke last year that he'd chosen a remake of The Idolmaker as his first time behind the camera. But when his full-to-the-brim schedule caused him to drop out of the project, he shifted his focus back to acting and promoting his myriad 2011 flicks, from Drive to Crazy Stupid Love to The Ides of March. Dude was understandably busy.

But wonder no more when Gosling will make the leap to double threat since news dropped today, via Indiewire, that not only has he written the script for his directorial debut How to Catch a Monster, he has chosen Christina Hendricks, who enjoyed a small but pivotal role opposite him in Drive, as his leading lady. And we say, if Joseph Gordon-Levitt can handpick Scarlett Johansson as his co-star, so Gosling should have bodacious Hendricks.

In a statement Gosling thanked producers Marc Platt and Adam Siegel "for being so supportive" and said he "look[ed] forward to making this film with all of them." For their part, the producers and financiers are fully in the Oscar nominee's corner, saying they had no hesitation when it came to working with the talented Canadian: "We responded immediately to Ryan's script, and look forward to nurturing the next phase of his career and continuing Bold [Films'] commitment to an artistically collaborative environment."

How to Catch a Monster, an ambiguous title that could imply dark matters are afoot or we're about to wade through an animated romp, is distinctly the former with a heavy dose of fantasy and film noir, as Gosling tells the tale of Billy, a single mother of two who finds herself in a macabre fantasy world when her son discovers a secret road that leads, where else, to an underwater town. No one can knock the guy for having a staid imagination.

Filming is set to start in 2013 and before that, Gosling will be hitting our very own city to chat about his Derek Cianfrance drama The Place Beyond the Pines, which gets its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and then it's Only God Forgives and the delayed release of The Gangster Squad.

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