Seven times Melissa McCarthy was fearless and fabulous in her career

Seven times Melissa McCarthy was fearless and fabulous in her career

There’s a reason Melissa McCarthy has become the most reliably funny leading lady — she’s not afraid to leave her vanity behind and go all in to every role she plays.


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McCarthy got her start on a little show called "Gilmore Girls", and while we always adored Sookie St. James, we never could have predicted just how high her star would rise. Since then, she’s gone on to star in a dozen popular comedies, including her breakout and Oscar-nominated performance in the revolutionary female-driven ensemble, Bridesmaids.

In her latest film Can You Ever Forgive Me?, she plays real life author Lee Israel, who begins forging letters from famous figures when her writing career deteriorates, falling into a cycle of lies and deception. It’s a vulnerable, comedic and raw performance from McCarthy, who’s never afraid to bare it all, and it could very well earn her a second Oscar nomination.McCarthy spoke to us about insecurities, vulnerability, and the importance of portraying flawed women in film:

Want more Melissa McCarthy? Us, too. Here are six more times she was fearless and totally committed in her career.

Bridesmaids (2011)

McCarthy’s career-defining moment was playing Megan, an odd yet loving woman who, despite her eccentricity, was the heart and soul of the impressive comedic ensemble in Bridesmaids . A role that required physical comedy, compassion and intensity — what easily could have been a one-note character became an icon.

Identity Thief (2013)

McCarthy starred alongside Jason Bateman as a seemingly harmless woman who steals the identity of a straight-laced businessman. As Diana, McCarthy embodied the role of a selfish criminal, still giving us reason to love her by injecting so much humour and heart.

The Heat (2013)

As an aggressive and foul-mouthed Boston cop in The Heat, McCarthy delivered an unfiltered and reckless performance. She was the perfect counterpart to her cop partner, female comedy legend Sandra Bullock, as the two try to take down a drug lord.

Tammy (2014)

McCarthy co-wrote Tammy with her real-life husband Ben Falcone (who also directed and co-starred), and together they created the ideal Melissa McCarthy role. Playing a rough woman who loses her job at a fast-food joint and learns her husband has been cheating on her, Tammy goes on an epic road-trip with her foul grandmother and learns to face life head-first.

Spy (2015)

As Susan Cooper, Melissa McCarthy is downright inspiring. Here, she plays a normal woman pegged by her peers as a “cat lady” who proves everyone wrong when she takes on an undercover job as a secret spy and ends up being a total badass.

The Boss (2016)

One of the most over-the-top characters McCarthy has portrayed is easily Michelle Darnell, the wealthiest woman in America who loses everything when she’s arrested for insider trading. It’s a departure for McCarthy who tends to play “everyday” people roles, and she fully embraces Michelle — a feisty businesswoman who is quirky and brazen.

See Can You Ever Forgive Me? with your best friend

A film about an unlikely friendship, Can You Ever Forgive Me? is one for you and your bestie. You’ll definitely want to go for drinks after and lament about your own personal crises.

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