Spider-Man:Homecoming, Dunkirk, Atomic Blonde and all the movies you need to see this July

Spider-Man:Homecoming, Dunkirk, Atomic Blonde and all the movies you need to see this July

Summer is finally, officially here, and one place you'll want to spend a lot of your free time will definitely be at the movies.

Right at the end of June, a bunch of huge titles were released. like Edgar Wright's crime musical extravaganza Baby Driver, Sofia Coppola's Cannes winner The Beguiled, and Kumail Nanjiani (TV's "Silicon Valley" and "Portlandia")'s autobiographical romantic comedy The Big Sick. All of these films are going to be super buzzed this summer, and July also offers an epic lineup to get excited for, such as the new Spider-Man movie, the new Planet of the Apes movie, and the new Christopher Nolan movie.

Check out all of the movies you need to see this July below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Release Date: July 7th, 2017

See it in: IMAX

See it with: Your best friend

For fans of: The Avengers, Spider-Man, Having fun

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the first stand alone Spider-Man film to bea part of the Marvel cinematic universe. While this is the third iteration of everyone's favourite web-slinger on the big screen, we can attest to the fact that Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie since the very first one with Tobey Maguire. Tom Holland may just be our best Spider-Man yet, Michael Keaton makes a killer villain, and the film itself manages to both be a hilarious coming-of-age, teen comedy while also being our new favourite MCU film. This is one you'll want to see more than once on the big screen, and we're betting on it to be the most fun you'll have at the movies all Summer. 

War for the Planet of the Apes

Release Date: July 14th, 2017

See it in: 3D

See it with: Your dad

For fans of: Monkeys

Early word is saying that War for the Planet of the Apes is not just the best film in the series, but the best Planet of the Apes film since the 1968 Charlton Heston original. That's big praise, considering how many films have been in this franchise over time. Director Matt Reeves has really outdone himself in creating a visually spectacular universe with this film, that also has a riveting story. Here, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts after suffering a tremendous loss, and tries to avenge his kind. Reeves has just signed on to direct The Batman (which was originally going to be helmed by Ben Affleck), so this high praise has us excited for that reboot as well.

Girls Trip

Release Date: July 21st, 2017

See it with: Your girlfriends

For fans of: Dancing, drinking, brawling

Featuring an all-star cast featuring Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip has these four women traveling to New Orleans for the Essence festival. From the trailer, we can see that this will be a wild time, and we're thinking that Girls Trip will be comparable to films like Bridesmaids and Rough Night, but without all of the wedding stuff. 


Release Date: July 21st, 2017

See it in: IMAX

See it with: Your cinephile friend

For fans of: Christopher Nolan, War movies, IMAX

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan's latest film, and it's one we've been highly anticipating for quite some time. This is a different territory for Nolan, whose most famous for his cerebral sci-fi films and his Dark Knight trilogy. Here he's taking on the battle of Dunkirk, which happened during World War II, and we're incredibly curious about how he'll be tackling his first historic war film. The film was shot almost entirely in IMAX, and will also have special 70mm and 35mm presentation at select theatres. It stars some of Nolan's regulars, including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Release Date: July 21st, 2017

See it in: 3D

See it with: Friends

For fans of: Luc Besson, Sci-Fi, Star Wars

Based on the source material for films like Star Wars and Besson's own The Fifth Element, Valerian may just be the ultimate origin story. French director Luc Besson is pushing visual boundaries with Valerian, which has broken the record for France's most expensive film ever made, and promises a whole new cinematic universe that's already being praised by critics. Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevigne star as Valerian and Laureline, who are special operatives trying to save the universe from a menace who threatens their planet, Alpha. 

A Ghost Story

Release Date: July 21st, 2017

See it with: A date

For fans of: Ghosts, Time, Loss

Director David Lowery re-teams with Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara (the three worked together on the indie hit Ain't Them Bodies Saints) to tell this story that is a meditation on time and loss. Rooney Mara plays M, a woman who has lost her husband (Casey Affleck) who returns to their home as a ghost, wearing a white sheet, and follows her around. The film was a big hit at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Emoji Movie

Release Date: July 28th, 2017

See it in: 3D

See it with: Your kids

For fans of: Texting, emotions, Poop

Texting is this generations main form of communication, so it's only natural that we'd get a whole animated adventure dedicated to those adorable little icons in our phones, emojis. With an all-star voice cast including Anna Faris, T.J. Miller, Sofia Vergara, Maya Rudolph and Patrick Stewart as, you guessed it, Poop. We're very intrigued to see what exactly a movie about emojis will entail, and excited to delve into the world that is inside of our cell phones.

Atomic Blonde

Release Date: July 28th, 2017

See it in: IMAX

See it with: Your girlfriends

For fans of: Girl Power

The director of John Wick is essentially giving us a female version of his action hit with Atomic Blonde. We couldn't imagine better casting than Charlize Theron as an undercover M16 agent who is investigating a murder set during the Cold War in Berlin. We know that she'll likely be doing some murdering herself, and if there's any person we'd want to see dominating the big screen and kicking butt, it's Theron.


Release Date: July 28th, 2017

See it with: Family

For fans of: Jenny Slate, Obvious Child, Dysfunctional families

The latest film from director Gillian Robespierre re-teams her with good friend and collaborative partner Jenny Slate. The two first worked together on the indie hit Obvious Child. We loved that movie and it's got us super excited for Landline, which stars Slate and newcomer Abby Quinn as sisters who become suspicious that their father may be having an affair. 

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