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Stars who need style: Golden Globes edition

Picture it: It's the New Year. The high of the holidays has faded and the inevitable drudgery of winter has just set in. Depressing, ain't it? Well thankfully there are a slew of glittering awards shows to lift your spirits before things get too sad.

On Sunday January 13, 2013, the Golden Globes delivers a dinner party-meets-gala vibe with funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler helming the stage. The flash of celebrity will be on full display with plenty of red carpet viewing. And in amongst the stars who have hig- powered stylists on speed dial, like Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain, or an inherent flair for fashion, we're down with the looks sported by Lincoln's Daniel Day-Lewis, will be some celebs who need to step it up, wardrobe-wise.

And we're not talking about newbies who don't know better. We've pegged five veteran stars that need to hit the refresh button on their red carpet looks.

Get the list of Stars Who Need Style below and catch up on the Awards Race right here!


Mayday, Denzel, mayday! You may have played a heroic pilot who saved lives during a plane crash in Flight, and earned a nomination for best performance in a drama, but anything that looks like this is a real tragedy. Sir, this not the type of suit worthy of a Hollywood heavyweight such as yourself. It's been five years since you’ve been nominated for a Golden Globe, and more than a decade since winning one, so you need to find a suit that soars. We're talking impeccably tailored and with a modern dose of flash. You're Denzel Freakin' Washington, after all, not a car salesman! None of this boxy blazer, saggy trouser, drab colour, no tie or pocket square business. Do the opposite of that in every way. We want to see you back in fighting shape, got it Hurricane?


We love your crazy antics, Jack Black. And so does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Congrats on your best performance nod in a comedy or musical for Bernie. But it's time to get serious, no more chambray shirt shenanigans. It's been a while since the venerable HFPA has recognized your skillz (flash back to School of Rock, circa 2003, in which you basically played yourself) so let's show them how truly honored you are. We suggest black tie with a twist. Keep it formal in a bespoke black or navy suit and mix it up with stylish details and accessories, like a velvet trimmed collar or designer skull embossed patent shoes. We know you can strut your stuff and a touch of punk rock is fine – just keep your Tenacious D tendencies on the tasteful side.


Who would have predicted a comeback for Helen Hunt? Er, not us. But with one little film, The Sessions, she's back on our radar big time. And not with some schlumpy role, either! Playing a sex therapist has paid off in a nom for best performance by an actress in a supporting role. No stranger to the Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was mad about Helen during her 90s-era primetime TV stint. They like her. A lot. So it'd be wise to show them an equal amount of love, sartorially speaking. Helen's been playing it safe at her most recent red carpet outings in a string of forgettable frocks. The Globes is a chance to make a style statement, to turn heads and reclaim territory. And for the love of Goddess, Helen, wear a colour! No more lackluster neutrals. Her peaches and cream complexion would look even more radiant next to a rich jewel tone. We want something that will leave us as breathless as her nominated performance.


After seeing Sally Field bare-faced and corset bound in Lincoln we would love, love, love for her to appear on the Golden Globes red carpet looking ultra glam. But not the over the top, princess ball gown and updo kind of glam. No, that would also feel costume-y. Instead, it seems fitting that the iconic American sweetheart (nominated for best supporting role) dress in chic American sportswear – which is fashion speak for fuss free tailored shapes, not literally tennis shorts. Maybe she rocks a minimalist dress in a strong colour or a sleek black sheath with hair to match? Whatever it is, it should be a look that oozes a sense of luxury. Why? Because after decades in the biz and countless accolades, Sally has certainly earned her A-list status but her current style could use a raise. We'd like her to ditch the passé pashmina, stop matching all the accessories and elevate her shoe selection. Embellished footwear with a simple dress is a winning combo that's totally top tier.


We are in awe of your acting prowess, Judi Dench. While most are familiar with your dramatic talents, you're pretty damn good at the lighter fare too. Case in point: your nomination for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel as best performance by an actress in a comedy or musical. And we know it's tough shopping as a petite curvy woman of a certain age. But let's try a wee bit harder, please, we beg of you! The good news is you're on the right path. In theory, outfit-wise, a pantsuit would be an amazing choice for you. Elegant, understated, sexy. But the execution of this one with its mid-thigh length jacket (and un-flattering bosom button placement) does nothing for you. Let's upgrade to a slightly fitted tuxedo-style jacket, in true Bond style. We think that would be a dame good choice.

(Photos by: Jason Merritt, Theo Wargo, Alberto E. Rodriguez, Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

What other Golden Globe nominees need to step it up in the fashion department? Share below!

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