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Stock up on your Sex Panther spray: Anchorman 2 is ON!

Will Ferrell put on a maroon leisure suit and delivered a spastic flute solo on "Conan" last night, offering his professional broadcasting advice to the red-headed host as Ron Burgundy, clueless, arrogant '70s TV personality from the Channel 4 news team and then said just about the last thing anyone expected: there's going to be an Anchorman sequel.

After Paramount passed on part two in 2010, reuniting the crack team of reporters, including Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland, Veronica Corningstone and Champ Kind, seemed an absolutely lost cause, despite Ferrell and writer-director Adam McKay's efforts to cut the budget to appease the company brass. Fan support never wavered but the studio was not interested in giving audiences more time with the wacky, hilarious characters, saying it "wasn't a good fit."

Well it seems that talks had resumed when no one was looking and considering the bombastic, unquiet way that the news was announced, we're guessing all parties got what they wanted.

Watch Ron Burgundy's announcement on Conan!

As Ferrell was doing his thing as the moustachioned, lovable buffoon, Variety's Jeff Sneider announced via Twitter that Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner would be slapping on mutton chops and bad suits again to play Ron's right-hand men. No word yet on whether or not we'll see Veronica but  Judd Apatow will be returning as producer.

The insanely quotable movie earned only $85 million at the box office but won the hearts, minds and raging libidos of those who found the mix of absurdity, potty humour, sight gags and a chubby, vapid Paul Rudd irresistible.

Expect details about Anchorman 2 to start slowly coming out now that so much advance buzz has everyone throwing around their favourite lines and conjuring up where part two will find the inept team. Either way, this is GOOD NEWS and I will happily buy two tickets to this gun show.


Happy that the gang will be back? Share your thoughts, and of course, your favourite Anchorman quotes, below.

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