Stronger, Logan Lucky, Ingrid Goes West and our underrated movies of 2017

Stronger, Logan Lucky, Ingrid Goes West and our underrated movies of 2017

Not every film gets the glory it deserves.

We watch a lot of movies, and there were a few this year that we believe should have received more recognition. It's impossible to see everything, so we'd like to highlight some films that you may have missed this year that we loved.

Check out our list of the 10 most underrated movies of 2017 below!


We're going to guess that David Gordon Green's Boston Marathon film got lost in the hustle and bustle of festival season. Many felt that the event was too soon to be portrayed on film, but the incredible true story of Jeff Bauman, a man who lost his legs after a bomb went off at the Boston Marathon in 2013, was accurately and gently depicted. It also features an awards-worthy performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, and the entire cast which includes Tatiana Maslany and Miranda Richardson.

Brad's Status

Mike White is a writer whose commentary on human nature is often spot-on. While the character of Brad may have been annoying to some, it was a very realistic portrayal of a middle-aged man having a mid-life crisis. But what grounded Brad was the potential he saw in his son. Brad's Status deals with a lot of universal themes of how we measure happiness and success, and it is an eye-opening film that truly captured our struggle to be okay with the life we have. It also features one of Ben Stiller's best performances.

Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh came out of "retirement" to give us this kooky crime tale that stars Channing Tatum and Adam Driver as two brothers trying to pull off a heist during a Nascar race in North Carolina. The film was released in August, so we're just going to guess people were too busy with Summer vacation and therefore missed this fun entry from one of our most distinguished directors.

Before I Fall

The "Groundhog Day" concept has been used in many films, but we'd argue that the best one to use it since it was Bill Murray living the same day over and over was in this teen drama. The film stars Zoey Dutch as a popular girl at school who dies in a tragic accident, only to find herself re-living her last day over and over again. Through this, she learns realities about her friendships and even about herself that allows her to reevaluate her life path.


It's a shame that Novitiate flew so under the radar because this film has so much female power, and has so much to say about a woman's experience. With an almost entirely female cast and crew, and under a woman director, Novitiate follows the process of what it's like to become a nun, something that most would be unfamiliar with. It also grapples with religion, sexuality, morals and family in such a profound way, and features incredible performances from the entire cast, namely Melissa Leo who in any other year would be in contention for an Oscar.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

We thought that the timing of release for this biopic would've made it a hot topic, considering that Wonder Woman was one of the biggest films of 2017. However, this indie film starring Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote went relatively underseen. Anyone who saw it would tell you that it's sex-positive attitude and honest depiction of the creator of Wonder Woman, his wife, and their lover, was one of the most interesting true stories committed to the screen.

Personal Shopper

Indie films from France don't always gain the popularity abroad that they deserve, but with Kristen Stewart in the leading role, we thought more people would watch Personal Shopper. Giving her best performance yet, here she plays a young woman who is working as a personal shopper to a famous French model, but whose true intentions of working in Paris are to connect to her recently deceased twin brother who died there. It's a psychological thriller from one of our greatest directors, Olivier Assayas, that will potentially change your perspective on the idea of ghosts and the afterlife.

Ingrid Goes West

We couldn't have asked for a more on-point satire about social media than Ingrid Goes West. The film follows Ingrid, a stalker who becomes obsessed with Taylor, a popular Instagram influencer played by Elizabeth Olsen, and who moves to California to try and become her best friend. Aubrey Plaza plays Ingrid for laughs, but still manages to give her layers of complexity that have us sympathizing with her as her antics get more and more out of hand. The film feels like a warning about how we use social media and that reality isn't quite as perfect as some try to make it seem.

Warning: Content May Offend

Brigsby Bear

From The Lonely Island comes this dark comedy about a baby who was kidnapped and grew up living in a bunker, with his only exposure to the outside world being a television show called Brigsby Bear. However, when he's finally found in his mid-20s and returned to his actual family, he learns that Brigsby was created specifically for him by his captors. While Brigsby Bear's premise is centered on child abuse, it takes a different perspective and instead hones in on the power of entertainment, as James' (Kyle Mooney) love of Brigsby Bear is what gets him through his situation, and as he sets out to finish off the series by making a Brigsby movie of his own. The film has an outstanding cast of comedic actors, and packs a lot of heart.

Free Fire

We're surprised more people weren't all over the latest from Ben Wheatley, which features a cast including Brie Larson, Armie Hammer and Cillian Murphy. Free Fire is the ultimate showdown that takes place after an arms trade goes terribly wrong. It's funny, suspenseful, and has great performances from its cast.

Warning: Content May Offend

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