Dredd 3D at TIFF

Urban, Thirlby and Travis talk Dredd 3D

It's nice to see Karl Urban's face - finally. The New Zealander is the latest actor to take on the role of ultimate law-enforcer, Judge Dredd, but in a nod to the original comic, Urban never reveals more than the lower half of his face in the rebooted flick.

Dredd 3D kicked off TIFF's popular Midnight Madness programme in style last night, and in our first interview at the annual fest, we sat down with Karl, co-star Olivia Thirlby, and director Pete Travis shortly before the premiere to chat on their interpretation of the classic anti-hero.

The film takes place in the violent, futuristic Mega City One, a city where criminals have the upper hand and the law ultimately lies in Judge's hands. Alongside Urban's Dredd is Thirlby as Anderson, the rookie Judge with psychic abilities. The two are called to investigate a brutal crime and end up trapped in a slum, run by prostitute-turned-crime-lord, Ma-Ma (played by Lena Headly).

While trying to escape, they discover the production headquarters of the city's newest drug 'Slo-Mo' - a narcotic which causes users to experience reality at a much, much slower pace. We'd say more but we'll let Karl, Olivia and Pete fill you in below...

Dredd 3D hits theatres on September 21.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Jemal Countess.

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