the colony, kevin zegers

Taking cover with the cast of The Colony

As Canadians, talking about, okay complaining about, contemplating and trying to predict the weather is a national pastime since our chilly and overlong winters are intrinsically connected to our identities.

Writer-director Jeff Renfroe takes our obsession with all things meteorological and adds a heavy dose of sci-fi, environmental panic and thorny moral issues in The Colony where survivors of a new Ice Age find refuge underground and adapt to a new way to live until something far more nefarious than non-stop snow threatens to end it all. But don't worry, it's not zombies.

We were on the North Bay, Ontario set last winter, when else?, and spoke to co-stars Kevin Zegers and Bill Paxton about their experience filming in the decommissioned NORAD base, why making a movie about an unstoppable force of nature was fun and what kind of movie The Colony promises to be.

Put on an extra layer and get ready to step into The Colony.


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