The Disaster Artist inspires our list of the top 5 bad cult movies

The Disaster Artist inspires our list of the top 5 bad cult movies

James Franco's The Disaster Artist is just around the corner. The hilarious comedy is the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the 2003 cult classic movie The Room. Self-funded by the unknown Hollywood wannabe Tommy Wiseau, who also wrote, directed and starred in The Roomit was a major flop but instant cult classic as word of mouth quickly spread on how ridiculously funny this serious drama was.

So what makes The Rooma cult hit? The same elements that elevate other bad movies which suffer from well-intentioned but off-the-mark writing and acting. It's hard to pin down, but we think in this particular case it's Wiseau's oddball personality that makes The Room stand out—and Franco's interpretation of it that makes The Disaster Artist already one of the most talked-about movies of the year.

Inspired by The Disaster Artist and The Room here is a list of other cult movies that are so bad, they're good:

1. Troll 2

In this 1990 campy fantasy/horror, a family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by goblins in disguise as humans, who plan to eat them. The fun in Troll 2 comes from the super-cheesy dialogue and special effects. The Trolls (who are referred to as Goblins by the characters in the movie) look like kids at camp running around wearing paper-maché masks that they made during craft time. Actually, all the weird special effects in this movie seems paper-maché inspired. And besides The Room's "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!", this movie also has one of best lines of dialogue ever delivered in cinematic history:

2. Sharknado

We have to admit, the idea of hundreds of flying sharks getting spit out of a hurricane is pretty cool! The second-rate CGI in this almost takes a back seat to the cheesy acting from Tara Reid and Ian Ziering as they frantically run around LA playing action heroes. In one memorable scene, Fin (Ziering) jumps into the open mouth of a great white that hurtles down from the sky directly at him. The cult summer movie got so much attention it spawned THREE more sequels!!

3. Snakes on a Plane

There was a moment in film history not long ago when it seemed like Samuel L. Jackson was literally in every movie. It was a bit much and when *another* movie showed up with him in it, there were some groans, especially when the title of the movie was called Snakes on a Plane. But looking back now, we are happy he did this. Yes, the title alone is silly but this 2006 low-budget action/adventure movie turned out to be quite an enjoyable watch. Did you know some of Jackson's lines, that you would expect to hear only from the mouth of Samuel L. Jackson, were fan submitted? Sit back with this one, relax and enjoy the fright!

4. Leprechaun

In this 1993 low budget horror flick, Warwick Davis plays the evil Leprechaun who embarks on a murder spree after someone steals his pot of gold. Like many cult horror movies, this one tries to be scary but falls flat due to silly special effects and sub-par acting. But there's something intriguing about this evil leprechaun that makes you root for him! The movie quickly achieved cult status prompting a bunch of sequels. Fun fact: This is Jennifer Aniston's film debut! Will she survive or not?

5. Rocky Horror Picture Show

This list would be utterly incomplete if we did not include one of the best cult movies of all time: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Where the idea to remake the Frankenstein story as a drag musical came from, we truly do not know. But it works on so very many levels. Clean cut WASPs Brad and Janet find themselves stranded and end up at a castle filled with the residents of “Transsexual, Transylvania.” Tim Curry has never been more iconic than as Dr. Frank n’Furter, and there’s even a cameo by Meatloaf. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a very outrageous treat.

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