The Meg devours rivals as king of movie sharks

The Meg devours rivals as king of movie sharks

Get ready to open wide and say “Aaaaieeeeee!” as The Meg prepares to take the shark movie to the next level when it opens on Friday.

Starring Jason Statham and an out of control megalodon, a 75-foot monster fish with teeth for days, The Meg can certainly stake a claim to having the biggest movie shark around. But is it the best?

In honour of The Meg’s release, here’s a (not so serious) ranking of the top 10 most memorable sharks in movie history:

#10: Finding Nemo

Type of shark: Great white

Estimated size: 12 feet

Year: 2003

Death toll: 0

Best known for: Bruce, named after the animatronic shark from Jaws, may live by the mantra “fish are friends, not food,” but once he gets a taste of blood he tries to devour Dory and Nemo’s dad, Marlin.


#9: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Type of shark: Unknown

Estimated size: 8 feet (but armed with frickin’ lasers on their heads)

Year: 2002

Death toll: 1

Best known for: Fulfilling Dr. Evil’s wish for a creative way to dispose of his enemies and accidently taking out one of his guards with a random (frickin’) laser blast.


#8: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Type of shark: Jaguar shark (fictional)

Estimated size: 100 feet

Year: 2004

Death toll: 1

Best known for: Eating Esteban, oceanographer Steve Zissou’s best friend and chief diver, sparking a quirky, Moby Dick-esque pursuit by Bill Murray’s titular hero.


#7: Open Water

Type of shark: Mixed

Estimated size (largest): 8 feet

Year: 2003

Death toll: We'd tell you but we don't do spoilers!

Best known for: Nibbling away at two scuba divers stranded in the middle of the ocean.

#6: Sharktopus

Type of shark: Unknown

Estimated size: 20 feet (longer if you count the tentacles)

Year: 2010

Death toll: 33

Best known for: Being half shark, half octopus and all ridiculous in a Roger Corman B-movie classic starring the king of ham actors, Eric Roberts.


#5: Sharknado

Type of shark: Mixed

Estimated size (largest): 23 feet

Year: 2013

Death toll: 16

Best known for: Taking out numerous residents of Los Angeles in graphic, if not downright hilarious, fashion after being flung through the air by a freak tornado.


#4: The Shallows

Type of shark: Great white

Estimated size: 20 feet

Year: 2016

Death toll: 3

Best known for: Taking a run at a bikini-clad Blake Lively (and who can blame it?) and then circling her for two days before being tricked into impaling itself to death.


#3: Deep Blue Sea

Type of shark: Mako

Estimated size (largest): 26 feet

Year: 1999

Death toll: 10 (including a parrot)

Best known for: Ruining Samuel L. Jackson’s inspirational speech by chomping and then graphically beheading him. Also, snacking on L.L. Cool J’s pet bird.


#2: Jaws

Type of shark: Great white

Estimated size: 25 feet

Year: 1975

Death toll: 5

Best known for: Terrorizing a small New England beach community, establishing the modern summer blockbuster movie as we know it and kick-starting the career of its director, some guy named Steven Spielberg.



#1: The Meg

Type of shark: Megalodon

Estimated size: 75 feet

Year: 2018

Death toll: Unknown (but we’re guessing a lot)

Best known for: Putting a beast three times the size of the shark in Jaws on a collision course with Jason Statham (and having us believe he can win).

The Meg opens at Cineplex theatres on August 10th. Click here for tickets and showtimes!