The Power of Big-Screen Demonstrations

The Power of Big-Screen Demonstrations

You know the cinema time warp that sucks you so deeply into the onscreen action that two hours pass like 20 minutes? Savvy meeting planners are leveraging the influence of that big-screen experience to elevate audience engagement at live events.

“People are very visual these days,” explained Karen Doherty, education manager, Redken Atlantic Canada, who hosted approximately 250 hairstylists at Scotiabank Theatre Halifax this past April. “The large theatre screen is an effective means of helping us connect with our audience.”

Methodologies magnified

Sharing the tiniest, most intricate images with its audience is integral to the success of Redken’s event. Its annual hair show, Redken Inspires, features a lineup of the hottest hairstylists in Canada presenting the newest tress trends on live models onstage. 

“The fact that we can film the stylists working live, magnify, and then project the smallest details of their demonstrations makes all the difference in the world for our guests by increasing their likeliness of learning new techniques” said Doherty.

The tiered seating and unobstructed sightlines are also key visual advantages Cineplex offers that many venues can’t guarantee, she added.

Facilitating shared experiences

Chris Laidlaw, Dyson Canada’s national product training manager, is responsible for coordinating Dyson Academy, his company’s annual nationwide road tour at which new products are demonstrated to associates from several prominent retailers.

Like Doherty, Laidlaw associates a big screen with a bigger audience impact.

“We can’t simply hold up a product onstage and have 200 people in front of us see all of its features without the support of the massive imagery on the theatre screen,” explained Laidlaw.

Oftentimes, Dyson facilitators will also bring audience members to the stage to demonstrate products, or showcase products to passersby in the theatre foyer space.

“We live film even the smallest demos at our event and project onto the large screen so the audience members can immerse themselves in the experience,” he said, “from seeing how easy it is to use a product to the positive reaction on an associate’s face.”

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