The Last Exorcism Part II

The power of film compels you to take our movie possession quiz!

Let’s face it, being possessed sucks. Another entity telling you what to do, controlling your every action, infiltrating your thoughts. Even when spirits aren’t harmful and are out for a laugh like the spooks possessing dinner party guests in Beetlejuice or the ones who lovingly guide you in the right direction by getting your attention like Sam Wheat in Ghost, you better have an exorcist or medium on speed dial.

You won’t find the malevolent spirit in this week’s The Last Exorcism Part II singing around a dinner table. Possession victim Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) finds herself alone and terrified in rural Louisiana, unable to remember anything about the past few months except that she’s the last remaining member of her family. As Nell begins to rebuild her life, the spirit that possessed her in the first film comes back, this time with bigger, more dreadful plans. Poor Nell just can’t catch a break.

From wicked demons and otherworldly beings to haunted houses and helpful spirit guides, we've compiled a list of questions about movies featuring the possessed. The power of film compels you to take the quiz below!



Positively Possessed

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